Company events

Hämeenkylä manor offers a wonderful setting for a business event where everyone can enjoy themselves

The Hämeenkylä manor is a great place to bring the company’s personnel to spend a day of recreation, as well as partners and customers to celebrate. Arriving here is easy with your own car and via public transportation. The Helsinki-Vantaa airport is nearby and there are direct bus lines from Helsinki and Tikkurila railway stations. We can also help you organize a charter bus for transportation if necessary.

After the event itself, accommodation in the hotel can be found in the same courtyard area. Handy!
The area is also big enough that there is room for guests to go jogging in the garden. On the other hand, our area is compact and just small enough that half of the group won’t get lost on their own ways. Works, don’t you think?

Our meeting -and event rooms can be transformed into many. A table-served dinner that follows the etiquette, a trendy cocktail party or a casual anniversary celebration, everything can be arranged.

Bands and stand-up comedians as well as kettlebell -and laughter yoga instructors have performed in our premises. With the right choice of space, planned lighting, beautiful table setting and the right table shape, we can make miracles happen and organize your event just the way you want.

Annual celebration

Annual celebrations are important to the company. Every celebration is different and unique. Organizing an annual party is a great way to take a moment and think about the past year and the company’s achievements.

Our professional staff will take care of your event from start to finish according to your wishes, so you can relax and enjoy the party yourself.

We provide accommodation for party guests as well.

Workplace well-being and recreation days

Workplace well-being -and recreation days add a new boost and joy to everyday life, improving the sense of community in the workplace
The day in question could include for example various physical activities in the manor’s wonderful park, lectures, or anything else that rewards and helps to get that extra boost for your group.

In Hämeenkylä Manor you can also accommodate your group and continue the day into the evening with delicious food and drinks in our restaurant.
Our staff, rich in ideas, will help you find the best solutions to create the perfect day for your group.

Christmas party

Christmas party is the most eagerly awaited party of the year, where people get to have fun and celebrate together.

We organize parties for both small and large groups effortlessly.

At the end of the evening, it’s nice to relax and go to sleep in our comfortable hotel rooms, if you’re staying at the manor.

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