Wedding menu

Wedding buffet

The head chef of Hämeenkylä Manor along with their team has carefully selected a variety of delicious dishes. You can personally create your preferred buffet arrangement for your special day by choosing your favorite options from each dish.

Salads: Choose 4 salads from here
Selection of green salads and vinaigrette (M, G)
Manor’s Caesar salad (L)
Mushroom salad (V, G)
Basil-marinated mozzarella and tomatoes (L, G)
Smoked salmon and potato salad (L, G)
Shrimp and asparagus salad (L, G)
Chorizo pasta salad (L)
Quinoa and vegetable salad (V, G)

Appetizers: Choose 3 appetizers from here
Warm-smoked salmon with horseradish sauce (M, G)
Shrimp Skagen on archipelago bread (L)
Black-smoked turkey breast, Waldorf salad (L, G, Contains nuts)
Roasted pork fillet with romesco sauce (L, G)
Jerusalem artichoke and potato terrine (L, G)
Carrot and black salsify terrine (L, G)
Antipasto assortment including olives, eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini, and artichoke (V, G)
Celery root ceviche with fresh salsa (V, G)

Main course: Choose one or two main courses from here
Grilled zucchini and eggplant, beetroot yogurt (V, G)
Butter tofu, roasted vegetables, red onion vinaigrette (V, G)
Grilled whitefish, chive butter sauce (L, G)
Slow-cooked beef entrecôte, red wine sauce (L, G)
Pork saltimbocca, Marsala sauce (L, G)
Grilled country-style chicken, dark cherry sauce (L, G)

Warm side dishes: Choose two side dishes from here
Herb-roasted potatoes (V, G)
Creamy potatoes (L, G)
Roasted vegetables (V, G)
Beluga lentil and vegetable stew (V, G)
Porcini mushroom risotto (L, G)
Herb-infused basmati rice (V, G)

Wedding cake + coffee/tea: Choose your preferred cake from here
Strawberry/raspberry cream cake (G, L)
Lime cheesecake (VL)
Chocolate-apricot cake (L)
Raspberry-white chocolate cake (VL)
Salmiakki-gold cake (VL, G)
Chocolate-raspberry cake (V, G)

The minimum number of people for the wedding cake on the stand is 50 people.

Wedding buffet price With one main course 62€/person With two main courses 74€/person

Children’s prices for the wedding buffet Ages 4–12: 50% of the wedding package price Under 4 years: free of charge

L=lactose free G=gluten free VL=low lactose V=vegan M=milk free

Naturally, we take into consideration special dietary requirements and ingredient allergies when you inform us in advance, at the latest 14 days before your celebration.